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Unleashing Success: Playtime Pet Resort’s Journey with Pet Resort Hospitality Group

In the dynamic and growing world of pet care, Playtime Pet Resort has carved its niche as a luxury pet resort, offering services ranging from doggy daycare and boarding to training and high-end grooming. Founded by Dan Gardner and Sherry Griffiths, both with extensive backgrounds in the financial services world, Playtime Pet Resort was born out of a passion for pets and a dream of creating a brand that stands out in the pet care space.

The Origins of Playtime Pet Resort

Due to Sherry’s long-standing involvement in dog rescue, Dan Gardner and Sherry Griffiths, co-presidents of Playtime Pet Resort, retired from their financial careers and were drawn to invest in the pet care space. While considering franchise opportunities, extensive due diligence led them to create their brand, steering away from franchising to pursue their unique vision.

Playtime’s Evolution and the Road to Partnership

Playtime originated from Sherry and Dan venturing into dog-watching on in 2016. The success of this venture laid the foundation for Playtime Pet Resort’s inception, focusing on all-inclusive boarding facilities with a family model. The commitment to having on-site managers is a hallmark of their approach, providing a comforting environment for dogs and owners alike.

Fast forward to the present, after facing challenges, including the impact of COVID-19, Playtime Pet Resort found itself at a crucial juncture. They had a successful business, but the original investor’s appetite for expansion was waning. This is where Pet Resort Hospitality Group (PRHG) entered the picture. Dan Gardner explained how partnering with PRHG solved multiple challenges—providing a return for their original investor, access to capital for expansion, and the opportunity to be part of a larger network of premier facilities.

You can check out the interview here.

The PRHG Advantage

The benefits PRHG brought to Playtime were evident from the start. One key aspect was the invaluable access to industry best practices through a network of knowledgeable operators nationwide. The partnership also facilitated increased benefits and compensation for Playtime Pet Resort’s employees, a testament to PRHG’s commitment to employee growth within the company. Additionally, integrating back-office tools and alleviating administrative burdens were crucial in enhancing operational efficiency.

Sherry emphasized the significance of PRHG empowering them to provide their employees full-time health benefits, 401(k) plans, and weekly pay schedules. The partnership brought financial support and a collaborative environment where sharing success stories and information was encouraged among different facilities.

Bridging the Gap: The Weekly Best Practice Calls

Nicole O’Donnell, General Manager of Playtime Pet Resort, shed light on the weekly best practice calls facilitated by PRHG. These sessions bring together managers from various facilities partnered with PRHG, fostering a collaborative learning environment. The exchange of insights, experiences, and feedback is proving to be instrumental in improving operations and providing valuable resources to employees.

Navigating Change and Lessons Learned

Dan and Sherry offered insights into the transition process, advising business owners to consider partnering with PRHG to maintain open communication and diligently prepare for the post-closing period. Lessons from their own experience included having a well-organized list of vendors and digitized documentation, streamlining the transition process.

A Testimony to Passion and Commitment

As Playtime Pet Resort and PRHG continue their journey together, the passion for animals and the commitment to excellence remain at the forefront. The partnership has fueled the growth of Playtime Pet Resort and contributed to a collaborative community within the pet care industry.

In conclusion, the partnership between Playtime Pet Resort and Pet Resort Hospitality Group is a testament to the success that can be achieved when a shared passion for animals is coupled with industry expertise and a commitment to continuous improvement. As Playtime Pet Resort continues to thrive, the story of its journey with PRHG serves as inspiration for other businesses seeking excellence in the dynamic and evolving world of pet care.

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