Our Team

Eyal has experience running all aspects of a pet resort including dog handling, reception, reservations, marketing, scheduling and managing employees. He works directly with pet resort owners to help them through the transition of partnering with us and also provides hands-on strategic, operational and managerial support to create long-term value. His responsibilities include deal sourcing, execution, marketing and owner/employee relations.

Eyal Cohen

Chief Development Officer & Co-Founder

Jason Duffy

At his core, Jason is an operator, focused on every aspect of the pet resort businesses across PRHG. He got his start working at a meat counter at Safeway, worked in retail and grocery through college and business school, eventually becoming an executive leader at Walmart and clear before leading operations at Pet Paradise. There he oversaw 55+ resorts with 1,800 team members. He's done everything there is to do at a pet resort, and in his free time, he trains dogs for law enforcement.

Jason Duffy

Chief executive officer

Azhar is a consummate entrepreneur, operator and investor having been involved in numerous successful ventures including formerly serving as Chairman of VCG Holdings, a successful veterinary and pet platform that was sold to National Veterinary Associates (“NVA”). At Pet Resort Hospitality Group, Azhar sets long term strategic vision, leads deal execution, as well as developing and implementing playbooks for optimizing companies so as to create the nation’s leading family of pet resorts.

Azhar Quader

Executive Chairman & Co-Founder

Miguel has over 25 years of experience in the real estate and construction industry. At Pet Resort Hospitality Group, he oversees the growth, development, and maintenance of all our locations, supporting owners as they improve existing facilities and develop new locations.

Miguel Durand

Director of Real Estate

Dr. Gary Dattner is a distinguished veterinarian and a proud graduate of Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine. As the owner and operator of multiple animal hospitals, Dr. Dattner has created a legacy of compassionate and top-notch veterinary services. His clinics are known for their state-of-the-art facilities, skilled staff, and unwavering dedication to the well-being of animals. Beyond his thriving veterinary practice, Dr. Dattner actively contributes to the veterinary community through his regular participation in events such as NY Vets and VMX (Veterinary Meeting & Expo).

Dr. Gary Dattner

Investor and Veterinary Advisor

Dan Alfano is the Director of Finance and Operations, where his responsibilities include creating and managing budgets, managing the company books, assisting with acquisitions, and overseeing all aspects of business operations. He has extensive experience in M&A, accounting, management consulting, and business strategy. He serves as a key resource for our managers and employees on a daily basis, providing direction at all levels of the business. He has been best friends with every dog he has ever met.

Dan Alfano

Director Finance & Operations

Shawn Etherton is the Director of Integrations, where he leads new partnerships through all integration milestones. His objectives include full scope integration activities from vendor transitions, team member on-boarding, IT system cutovers, Point-of-sale transitions and more. He brings many years of healthcare integrations and extensive business management experience. Shawn will be the main point of contact for sellers and their respective business leaders post-close.

Shawn Etherton

Head of Integration

Tania Isenstein is the Head of People and Culture, establishing PRHG as a workplace where employees feel valued, motivated and aligned with the company’s mission and values. Tania has decades of experience in employment law and human resources in the financial industry, as well as 10 years of experience as an owner/operator of a pet resort. She is passionate about employee training and is actively mentoring pet care staff.

Tania Isenstein

Head of People and Culture

Taylor Wallace is a serial entrepreneur with 10+ years of experience building and growing technology startups prior to his work buying and building pet resorts. In 2020, he partnered with long time friend Michael Mayleben, and has gone on to buy and build four resorts where he oversees marketing, finance, customer service, and development.

Taylor Wallace

Head of strategy & marketing

Ten years ago, Mike was tired of working in an office and took an interim job scooping poop at a large franchise dog daycare in Tampa. He quickly became the general manager of that facility, and led it to become one of the most successful pet resorts in that franchise system and in Tampa Bay. In 2020, he set out on his own with partner Taylor Wallace, and they’ve since bought and built four pet resorts in Tampa, FL where he oversees all aspects of Paws ‘n’ Rec operations.

Mike Mayleben

President at Paws ‘n’ Rec, Tampa, FL

Laura has been the Executive Manager at Meadowlake Pet Resort in Houston, TX since its opening in 2009. She oversees two locations and over 120 staff members who provide services such as overnight lodging, daycare, grooming and training. She has had a passion for animals and nature since she was very young and previously held positions in animal shelters, pet stores and as a zookeeper. She’s cared for and trained animals from monkeys to sea lions to elephants!

Laura Koch

President at Meadowlake Pet Resort, Houston, TX

Garrett is the Regional Manager of the Northeast, overseeing the operations of multiple pet daycare and boarding locations within the region. He serves as a key resource for our managers and ensures the delivery of exceptional pet care services across our locations in the North East. He was previously the Director of Operations for the American Kennel Club.

Garrett Reed

Regional Director of North East Operations

Amanda Rowley is the co-president of PRHG’s Williamsburg Pet Hotel and Suites, a third-generation, 64 year old business located in Town and Country, Missouri. Prior to joining the PRHG family, Amanda and her husband Todd lived on-site at their facility in Town and Country. They lived and breathed every minute of every hour on the property with their two daughters. Amanda and Todd split the managerial/owner duties of the facility with Amanda focusing mainly on managing the office, helping with staff management, and scheduling, as well as the businesses social media.

Amanda Rowley

President at Williamsburg Pet Hotel and Suites, St. Louis, MO

Todd Rowley is the co-president of PRHG’s Williamsburg Pet Hotel and Suites, a third-generation, 64 year old business located in Town and Country Missouri. Todd’s grandparents built the facility in its current location in 1962. He has lived on the property of Williamsburg since he was 10 years old. While watching his grandparents and parents run the facility, he always knew that he wanted to follow in their footsteps. Over the years he owned the facility, he more than tripled the profits by taking risks and rebuilding all of the facilities from the ground up, adding a pet pool, dog suites, live webcams, as well as starting up training, daycare and grooming services.

Todd Rowley

President at Williamsburg Pet Hotel and Suites, St. Louis, MO

Rosemarie is the Chief Operating Officer of Olde Towne Pet Resort, where her responsibilities include leading and owning all aspects of operations across their locations spanning Virginia and Maryland. In her 6 years with Olde Towne Pet Resort, her ability to train and cultivate strong leadership and a positive organizational culture has had a profound impact on the company’s trajectory. Through her guidance, OTPR experienced significant growth and transformation, setting new benchmarks in the industry earning the 2020 and 2022 IBPSA award.

Rosemarie Axelson

COO at Olde Towne Pet Resorts, DC Metro

Cheri is the Co-President of PRHG Playtime, where her responsibilities include both managing day-to-day operations for Playtime’s current locations, and the continued expansion of Playtime’s footprint throughout the Mid-Atlantic states. Prior to Playtime Pet Resort, Cheri was the Director of Operations for Geewax, Terker & Company, an institutional asset management company. During her tenure the firm grew to 56 institutional clients with assets under management in excess of $8 billion.

Cheri Griffiths

Co-President of Playtime Pet Resort, Philadelphia, PA

Dan is the Co-President of PRHG Playtime, where his responsibilities include both managing day-to-day operations for Playtime’s current locations, and a primary focus on the continued expansion of Playtime’s footprint throughout the Mid-Atlantic states. Dan has over 35 years of corporate finance experience in both public and private companies. Leading up to the formation of Playtime Pet Resort, Dan was the Chairman and CEO of Select-A-Branch ATM Network, LLC, an ATM software company he founded.

Daniel Gardner

Co-President of Playtime Pet Resort, Philadelphia, PA

Samuel is a Senior Human Resource Analyst at PRHG where his responsibilities include onboarding all PRHG new hires, collaborating with vendors, and identifying optimal technological solutions for the HR team as well as overseeing all HR operations at PRHG. Samuel has a strong record of building relationships and communicating cross-functionally between departments and leadership to help with any data-related needs from generating and visualizing reports to analyzing the company's data. He has extensive experience in Data Analysis and Human Resource management

Samuel Abu

Senior hr analyst

Ron Hallagan is the President & CEO of Olde Time Pet Resorts (OTPR) located in Springfield, VA, Bethesda, MD, and Dulles, VA. Since taking over OTPR in 2017, OTPR has nearly doubled in volume and has won Best Pet Resorts for Multiple Facilities two out of the last four years from the International Boarding and Pet Services Association (IBPSA). Prior to OTPR, Ron was president of the Pheast Food Group, Chief Operating Officer of the Star Restaurant Group, and VP of Operations for a national concessioner to the National Park Service, managing over fifty food, recreation, retail, and lodging concessions.

Ron Hallagan

CEO & PRESIDENT at Olde Towne Pet Resorts, DC Metro

Chris is responsible for overseeing the Accounting/Payroll department and all aspects of IT for OTPR’s three locations. Chris began working at OTPR full time while working on his Bachelor’s degree. After graduating from Virginia Tech with his Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Biology, Chris returned to OTPR full-time while applying for other jobs in the area, but quickly found a passion for the Pet Care industry. Working his way through various positions, including Pet Care Supervisor, Front Desk Supervisor, Marketing Director, Business Manager, and IT Director, Chris leveraged his field experience and solution-driven mindset to build OTPR into a top pet resort.

Chris Gilbert

Head of technology

Sam Kramer is a licensed CPA with over 10 years of accounting experience, including public accounting, as well as unique industry experience in hospitality, publishing, and digital marketing. As the Senior Accounting Manager for PRHG, his main responsibilities include overseeing day-to-day accounting operations, supervising financial processes, completing month-end-close procedures, and providing support to PRHG managers and employees in all areas related to finance.

Sam Kramer

senior accounting manager

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