Pillars of Support: A Collaborative Approach to Pet Care Business Success

Pet Resort Hospitality Group (PRHG) isn’t consolidating leading pet care resorts; they’re integrating them. They’re building relationships and supporting businesses in the pet care industry to create incredible employee and customer experiences. In a recent conversation among key members of the PRHG leadership team, they shared insights into the unique approach PRHG takes to supporting growing pet service companies and the collaborative culture that sets them apart.

You can check out the interview here.

The PRHG management team comprises an impressive group of leaders with expertise across the functions needed to run a successful pet resort. Key team members, such as Sean Etherton, Miguel Durance, Dan Alfano, and Tanya Eisenstein, unveil the company’s commitment to excellence in the pet care industry. 

As the Head of Integrations at PRHG, Sean Etherton brings over five years of integration experience and 20 years of operational management expertise. His role involves partnering with business stakeholders from pre-close negotiations to post-close transitions, ensuring a thoughtful and seamless experience. Etherton aims to collaborate closely with sellers, emphasizing PRHG’s commitment to efficient and considerate integration and fostering enduring partnerships in the pet care industry.

Miguel Durand manages all the facilities, construction, and real estate. With over 25 years in real estate and development, he is a pivotal figure at PRHG. His expertise extends beyond acquisition to encompass construction management, offering invaluable support to all teams dealing with facilities and maintenance issues.

Dan Alfano, the Director of Finance and Operations, articulates PRHG’s multifaceted financial strategy, which involves identifying growth opportunities, margin improvement, and strategic investments for overall business performance.

Tanya Eisenstein, in charge of people and culture, shares a personal journey, assuring partners that PRHG prioritizes employees’ well-being during transitions.

Together, these narratives portray PRHG as a holistic and compassionate entity dedicated to nurturing successful partnerships in the pet care industry.

What sets PRHG apart is not just its business model but its additive approach. It doesn’t acquire; it collaborates. The team passionately talks about the company’s commitment to maintaining and celebrating the unique cultures of each partner. It’s not about assimilation but integration, ensuring that the essence of every pet care business under the PRHG umbrella remains vibrant and distinct.  Tania emphasizes that PRHG is “here to ensure that the legacy you’ve built, not only for your business but also for your employees, is preserved and elevated.”

“Do the right thing” emerges as a mantra that guides PRHG’s decisions. This principle is not just a catchphrase; it’s a compass that directs the company toward ethical and compassionate choices. It’s a culture reverberating through every decision, every interaction, and every success story.

PRHG believes in constant improvement by sharing best practices, embracing technology, and investing in the best systems. This commitment to operational excellence reflects their dedication to providing their partners with the highest level of service.

As the conversation wraps up, the team reiterates PRHG’s role as pillars of support, allowing their partners to focus on what truly matters—the pets. PRHG is more than just a business entity; it’s a community of like-minded individuals dedicated to the well-being of pets and the success of their partners. With a strong focus on support, collaboration, and doing the right thing, PRHG stands out in the pet care industry, setting a high standard for operational excellence and compassionate business practices.

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