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From Small Beginnings to a Pawsitively Successful Partnership: The Play All Day Story

In the heart of the Northeast, where dog lovers thrive and furry friends find a second home, Play All Day, a dog daycare and boarding facility, has become a beloved staple. Amanda Field, one of the proud owners, recently sat down to share the remarkable journey of Play All Day and its evolution through the years.

Founding a Dream in 2007

Amanda and her husband embarked on their entrepreneurial journey in 2007 when they opened their first dog daycare. Little did they know this venture would grow into a thriving business with five locations and over $4 million in annual revenue. The couple poured their hearts and souls into Play All Day, creating a business and a community for pets and their owners.

Growing Pains and the Decision to Evolve

After a decade of successful growth, the Fields found themselves at a crossroads. The business had reached a point where it needed additional support in terms of capital and benefits for its dedicated staff. Amanda reflects, “We were a family of six, and we felt it was time to turn the page, to move on to the next chapter.”

Enter Pet Resort Hospitality Group (PRHG)

Amidst the considerations of the following steps, the Fields encountered PRHG, a game-changer that would become an integral part of their story. PRHG wasn’t just a partner; they were the key to unlocking a new era for Play All Day.

The Partnership that Transformed Play All Day:

Amanda shared how PRHG brought a wealth of resources, including essential capital and enhanced benefits for the dedicated Play All Day staff. The partnership provided financial support and opened doors to new opportunities, allowing the team to make a career out of their passion for pet care.

Amanda notes, “Before PRHG, it was difficult. We lacked someone to lean on with the expertise they brought. PRHG became our support, offering funding and resources to elevate our staff’s and clients’ experiences.”

The Unique Connection with PRHG:

Before meeting PRHG, Amanda had a challenging experience with another investment group. However, out of that challenge emerged a silver lining – a meeting with Eyal, one of PRHG’s founders. Their shared values and understanding of Play All Day’s unique culture made them a natural choice to partner with PRHG a natural choice.

Navigating the Acquisition Process:

Selling a business can be daunting, especially when you’ve poured a decade of hard work into its success. Amanda emphasized the importance of PRHG’s commitment to understanding their business and maintaining the relationships they have built with clients and the community. The acquisition process, though intricate, was seamless, with PRHG’s dedicated team guiding them through.

Heartfelt Advice for Fellow Business Owners:

Amanda’s advice for business owners contemplating a transition is clear – consider PRHG. Whether you’re seeking capital, looking for a new chapter, or wanting to maintain ownership while sharing the load, PRHG proves to be compassionate, capable, and motivated to ensure the best for your business. In the whirlwind of selling a business and ensuring its continuity, Amanda expresses her confidence in PRHG. “Selling your business can be overwhelming, but PRHG made it seamless. I feel so confident that our business is in the right hands.”

As Play All Day looks ahead to its next chapter, Amanda’s story is a testament to the power of strategic partnerships and their positive impact on businesses built with love and dedication. With PRHG by its side, Play All Day is poised for even greater heights in the ever-growing world of pet care.

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